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i3 Engineering Sciences was started in 2011  as a technology-centric company that implements a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving that results in creative, robust, unique solutions to meet the needs of our clients.


The i3 team is led by Jeff McFadden, Principal Engineer. We currently offer design and manufacturing process development services, AI development and integration, product development, EMI/RFI analysis and mitigation, and programming, and simulation services.

Meet Jeff McFadden 

Jeff McFadden is the Principal Engineer at i3 Engineering Sciences LLC. He has nearly 30 years experience in a wide variety of engineering and technical roles and is well versed in EMI/RFI shielding, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), materials engineering, mechanical system design, design for manufacturability, manufacturing engineering, and control systems design. His efforts at i3 have focused on new product development, and technology implementation and commercialization with specific efforts on new markets and synergistic technologies. Most recently, Jeff led i3’s contract with Xonar Technology for the development of a security surveillance system that uses sensors, artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect concealed weapons on moving targets. 


Prior to joining i3, Mr. McFadden was a principal in several engineering and manufacturing organizations focused on the aerospace, defense, and automotive applications. McFadden led several large design/manufacturing projects related to the NASA Aries and J2X, Boeing 777, and Lockheed F35 JSF programs. Jeff served as a SVP of Technology for Laird Technologies, a public global technology company prior to these endeavors, with responsibilities for a global multisite research, development, and engineering organization.


Mr. McFadden has a BS in Physics from NE Oklahoma State and a MS in Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology. He has completed postgraduate work at Brooklyn Polytechnic in the areas of Design for Manufacturability, Control System Design, and Statistical Methods. 


Jeff has US and Foreign patents in the areas of EMI shielding, thermal management, automated stamping and plating, and polymer materials. He has published and presented papers on a variety of topics related to engineering and technology management.

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2101 Starkey Road

Suite D19

Largo, FL 33771

Tel: 201-841-1239

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