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Engineering Services 

A solid understanding of today's global marketplace
expertise in emerging technologies as well as lean manufacturing concepts
A practical, bottom-line, results-oriented approach to your project 


Product Development 


Our emphasis is on identifying new markets and applications for both existing and emerging technologies. The design process focuses on functional utility and product commercialization. 


  • Research using modelling to determine whether new developments & innovations will work & be cost effective

  • Turn research into technical plans using CAD & CAE software

  • Using rapid prototyping methods to validate new concepts through functional testing

  • Concurrently develop manufacturing plans

  • Execute manufacturing plan and/or installation 

Manufacturing Processes


Our process planning team defines how products are to be manufactured by exploring production and assembly line scenarios that result in reduced time to market and flexibility to respond to product changes. 

  • Manufacturing analysis

  • Plant layout planning 

  • Resources planning 

  • Control system development and installation

  • Manufacturing scale-up, and production moves 

  • Vendor/partner search and audits

Programming & Simulation


We provide programming & simulation services for both ​i3 Engineering-created or customer-created designs. Simulation software is used in the initial design of equipment to ensure that the final product will meets those specs without expensive in-process modification. Control system development includes design, software, fabrication & installation services. 


  • CNC programming utilizing Solidworks & Autodesk Inventor models, and CAM software programs

  • PLC/PC control systems for all common platforms

  • MatLab programming 

  • Object-oriented programming using C##



Our team develops and designs components, machinery, and electro-mechanical sensors for use in a variety of industries including aerospace, DOD, commercial products, industrial equipment and automotive.

  • Strong problem-solving skills 

  • Creative approach for generating ideas

  • Highly competent in engineering and design principles

  • Solid understanding of materials, electro-mechanical devices, control and sensing systems, and EMI/RFI

  • Appreciation of business demands and P&L responsibility

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