i3 Engineering Sciences
is a global technology-centric company offering design and manufacturing process development services, third-party independent testing services, and technical and science writing services. Our broad-based highly skilled team and multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving, facilitates our ability to create robust, unique solutions that meet the demands of the project. 


The i3 testing team provides unbiased product testing for safety, compliance, quality control and research and development. We provide materials testing services including materials analysis, chemical analysis and analytical testing for a broad range of clients, markets and industries.  The i3 team also provides analytical data interpretation for intellectual property filings and marketing claims. 




The i3 engineering team has a in-depth understanding of design, manufacturing and new product development, and is creative in identifying new markets and applications for existing and emerging technologies. Our principal engineers have extensive experience in research and development with a proven track record of successful commercialization. 









The i3 writing team offers two distinct services: science writing, and technical writing. Science writing or writing about science and technology for general readers includes articles for publication, website content and social media outlets. Technical writing assigments include maintenance & operations manuals, product specification and fact sheets, and grant writing.


Our Mission 

To provide a world-class engineering service coupled with superior customer service
that leads to a vibrant solution to your technology needs.

                                                                                 Joanne McFadden